Man of Steel – or how to ruin my favorite superhero

“Nolan wants to try something different and offer Clark up as the new “talent” and will be more competition than an undercover hero. That is right Byrnes fans, gone is the bumbling Mr. Kent.” – quote from

ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME??? This guy is ruining my childhood’s hero! How can you even think such an outrageous thing?? Really now … gone is the bumbling Mr. Kent. The “bumbling Mr. Kent” is the disguise of Superman … it wasn’t his glasses or the ugly second hand costume, it was the frigging BUMBLING!!!!!!!!! I’m …. I’m just pissed. Very pissed. He could at least rename it from Superman to Superhunk, or smth.

But, if Nolan ruined Batman, why wouldn’t he ruin Superman too?Stupid Me! *RAGE SEIZURE*Angered

I just … I want Clark Kent back. *sniff sniff* And the red undies too.

Wanted to scream somewhere, and I thought my blog is a good place to do it.

Superman Over and out! Superman


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