Ashes – a visual poem


This is the poem on which my next short-film will be based on. Please tell me if you like it, and if you are a romanian tell me which of the versions you like more.

English version:

At the noon of time
When big white clouds spread towards the west
And wind caressed slowly the forest

In the safety of their nest, birds sing,
Rain falls, and bugs are dancing.

The leaves of the trees, a witness,
Each one with its own story to tell,
Each one to their end softly fell.

Then Silence…

And those who expected fire and thunder
Saw only smoke and the darkness bow
And those who expected angels and wonder
Could not believe it was happening now.

It was the noon of time
And no one believed ‘twas too late,
But then there was silence
And a shadow was painted on the sky’s slate.

And I’m not what I seem, nor what I wished
But maybe one day I’ll be given the gift
To flee far away from our own wicked trash
And maybe then too, the sky won’t cry

Romanian version:

În amiaza timpului
Când nori pufoși acopereau marea,
Și vântul mângâia pădurea,

Un pescar își repară năvodul
Iar picuri grei cad din ceruri,
Și păsările-și spun liniștite cântul.

Frunzele copacilor, martori ai lumii,
Poartă fiecare o poveste de spus,
Si-apoi cad fără teamă către propriul sfârșit,
Așezându-se-n tihna pe drum.

Apoi liniște …

Iar cei ce-așteptau foc și tunet
Au văzut decât fum,
Și cei ce-așteptau semne și îngeri
N-au crezut că se-ntâmplă acum.

Era în amiaza timpului
Și-au crezut toți că nu-i prea târziu
Dar a urmat liniște
Si-o umbră lăsată pe-un cer cenușiu.

Iar eu nu sunt nimic din ce-aș fi vrut sa fiu
Dar mai devreme sau poate mai târziu
Mi se va deschide cea din urmă ușă
Și poate tot atunci și cerul va înceta să plângă doar

Works with this song:


Superman: Tomorrow’s Memory – PROLOGUE

A/N: This story was written as a sequel to Superman Returns, and even though I am a frustrated fan-girl I am also a screenwriter and very big fan of Superman, so don’t expect this fic to be the happy ending you dreamed of. This is NOT a chick-flick. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😀

Anyway, despite all that I do hope you will like it, and I will try not to let you down. So please bear with me, as I hope to make this a Superman fan-fic worth reading (although I dream of make it a real movie, but first things first).

First chapter is very short but it’s only an introduction. The story is split in 3 parts: Prologue, A history repeating itself and Epilogue. Right now I’m half-way through the story, but the next chapter is a really long one so it will take some time to complete.




Somewhere above Earth’s atmosphere Clark was happy.

‘Clark, the universe is a big place. And you don’t know who’s out there. And even if you are the last… you’re not alone.’ (1)

His mother has been right, he wasn’t alone … not anymore … he had a son. He and Lois had a son, and for that moment nothing else mattered.

< S > < S > < S >

A few months have passed since Superman found out he had a son, and things weren’t getting any better, neither for Superman or Clark Kent. He was slowly but surely crumbling on the inside … and no one will ever know. His son was raised by another man, the love of his life was marrying another man, he was being replaced by another man, but nothing made it hurt so bad but the fact that it was only his fault and that there was no way to change it. He will suffer so that others don’t, he will continue to save the world … and watch over his family from afar. And with that thought Clark Kent entered the bullpen, oversized glasses to hide his identity and silly grin to hide his pain.

‘NEW KRYPTON IN GONE! World’s leaders decided to help Superman. The missiles they launched this morning reached their target and destroyed …’, announced the news clerk, Clark watched it for several seconds and smiled inwardly then threw a look towards Lois’ office only to see an empty seat. She was probably busy with wedding preparations, the thought stung his heart but he only let out a sad smile instead. ‘Calm down, Kent. It’s the only way to protect them.’, he admonished himself as he proceeded to his desk. This single moment of inattention made Clark Kent collide with Lois Lane, not that it was an unusual thing to do for him, but today it wasn’t on purpose, today while he didn’t move a millimetre, Lois was sprawled across the floor.

“Lois! Oh my God, I-I-I’m so sorry!”, he apologized helping her up. As soon as she was on her feet she hurried to be on her way, all this time not meeting his eyes even once, it was as if she didn’t realized what just happened. Something was wrong with her.

“It’s ok, Kent. I wasn’t paying much attention myself.”, she said before getting back to her office. Lois Lane was apologizing to him? Something was definitely wrong.

“Lois, i-is everything ok?”

“I’m fine. Just a bit tired.”, she lied, and they both knew that she did, but it wasn’t the right moment to ask further questions, someone needed Superman.

< S > < S > < S >

In a dark room, illuminated only by the light of a TV screen, a man was staring at the image of Superman portrayed by the evening news, the blue flecks of light deepening the already angered expression of his face as he began to speak to himself.

“Just look at him, so sleek, so powerful, so… beautiful, like some great golden god made flesh. Of course, any sensible god would demand absolute obedience in return for his favour. But, no, our Man of Steel protects us, and keeps us with no strings attached. The people? Hmph. They practically worship him anyway. Enjoy your reign while you may, Superman. For surely as night follows day, there comes a time when even gods must die.” (2)

A tall blonde woman entered the room.

“Mister Luthor, project Applecore has hit the mother lode.”

And in the dark, Lex Luthor just smiled.


(1) – SUPERMAN Returns

(2) – SUPERMAN: Doomsday

Iele – Short-film walkthrough – Part 2: The story

Hey there, my friends!!! :mrgreen:

Sorry for my absence, I’ve been through a lot lately, and didn’t have time for what I like to do. I almost gave up making my film, but now I’m back with a new story and a lot of enthusiasm.

A little bit of advice: Films are like oysters (just like ogres are like onions :lol:, JK),  you have the shell which represents the consumer side of the film, and the squishy animal inside which is the content side, or the message. Here in Romania we have a little problem with merging these two, there are either consumer films or content films. Try not to do that too…let me tell you why. Let’s use the oyster metaphor again. If you only have the shell…it’s ok, it’s something nice, that you like watching, you put it on your shelf, you look at it, but….it doesn’t stir anything into your soul, it doesn’t breathe, it doesn’t live….it’s an empty shell. If you have only the animal inside….well, you know it’s alive, it has a story, a life, you will somehow connect (and if you know how to cook it it’s delicious too), but you can’t really look at it because it’s FUGLY as hell. 😆  Try to tell something with your film but also make it eye-candy.

In order to do so you need to write and rewrite your story as many times as necessary. Be ready to change the story, the characters … I know sounds like a hassle, and it is, but you want to make a good movie, don’t you. I know I do, it’s the 4th time I rewrite my script, I changed almost the whole story, my characters have now different biographies, and they react differently, because they are different persons now.

I had to do it because the story had a lot of flaws, there were a lot of unanswered questions, the characters were shallow … and so on and so forth.

The story has to have a structure!! Especially if you’re just starting in this industry. You can find more info on this on, they will tell you more about the Three Act Story and the 5 Plot Point Breakdown. You will need this in order for your film to have a nice flow and continuity.

Useful sites:

In English:

In Romanian:

All this can really put you down, I don’t even remember the times I wanted to give up, or I just didn’t have the urge to write … but sometimes just a song can put you back on track, if it’s inspiring in any way to you. What inspires me right now is: Skrillex – First of the Year(Echinox) and Bertine Zetlitz – Death in her room.

It’s a good idea to read your story to as many people as possible, this way you will find out if something is missing from your story, they will ask you really interesting things about it, things you haven’t thought about. Don’t get mad at them if they ask you something you cannot answer, but instead try to find an answer to that question together, ask them for ways to solve a problem, what they would like to see, how they would like a character to be, even if that would mean you have to change the story again … after all you are making movies for the public, not for yourself, so their opinion counts more than yours. 😉

This is all I have to say for today. See you soon, I’m getting back to writing biographies.

Thank you for reading, sorry for the bad English, typos, and the messiness, I suck at writing blogs(not a blogger, never will be).

Maddie C.