Stanley Pickle

Stanley’s life runs like clockwork, until a chance encounter with a mysterious girl turns his world upside down…

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SciFi Recommendations I

Payload from Stu Willis on Vimeo.

SEED (2012) Short Film from Tyson Wade Johnston on Vimeo.

TRUE SKIN from H1 on Vimeo.

Legacy from grzegorz jonkajtys on Vimeo.

STASIS from Christian Swegal on Vimeo.

RUIN from OddBall Animation on Vimeo.

The 3rd Letter from grzegorz jonkajtys on Vimeo.

Robots of Brixton from Kibwe Tavares on Vimeo.

The Archiver from ArtFx on Vimeo.

Leap from Dan Gaud on Vimeo.

World Builder from BranitVFX on Vimeo.

Beyond Black Mesa from Brian Curtin on Vimeo.

Arrowhead: Signal from Jesse O'Brien on Vimeo.

Animation Short-Films I

DreamGiver from Tyler Carter on Vimeo.

Destiny from Bellecour 3D on Vimeo.

Dum Spiro – HD (ESMA 2012) from Dum Spiro on Vimeo.

The Colors of EVil from Phillip Simon on Vimeo.

Origami (2012) from ESMA MOVIES on Vimeo.

AD LUCEM from Ghislain Avrillon on Vimeo.

Gloam from We Are The Forest on Vimeo.

Neomorphus from Animatorio on Vimeo.

“D” – animated short film from Closed Eye Visuals | DP on Vimeo.

Slug Invasion from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.